Skin Cancer & Mohs Closure


Mohs Surgery & Cosmetic Surgical Closure is a highly specialized procedure that effectively removes skin cancer, while preserving the maximum amount of healthy tissue and minimizing the appearance of scars.


Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and has a high prevalence in sunny Texas.  Dr. Kerner deals with many cases of skin cancer and is highly experienced treating patients from biopsy to cure.

There are three major types of skin cancer: squamous cell, basal cell, and melanoma. The first two of these non-melanoma types of skin cancer can be treated with freezing, burning or chemical compounds if the lesions are small.

When lesions are larger, they are usually surgically excised. During excision, the edges of the removed tissue are checked under a microscope by a pathologist to be certain all cancer cells were removed.  The excision is then carefully closed with a scar designed to be as inconspicuous as possible on the skin.

Melanoma skin cancer is always treated with a wider excision and, in addition, removal of lymph nodes and chemotherapy may be necessary.  Dr. Kerner is very experienced in performing Mohs closures for patients with melanoma skin cancer.

In certain areas of the body such as the nose, lips or face; or in cases of recurrent skin cancers where the edges are indistinct, Dr. Kerner may involve a specialized dermatologist who will perform the Mohs surgery. (Need details about that…) After the cancer is removed by the Mohs surgeon, you will return to Dr. Kerner’s office for closure of the excision which will be performed in one of a variety of ways, depending on its size, depth and location.

Dr. Kerner’s office will coordinate with the Mohs surgeon, ensuring that the excision and cosmetic surgical closure procedures are performed on the same day.


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I highly recommend her to anyone seeking plastic surgery

Dr. Kerner's work is excellent. She has treated me for many skin cancers over the years, and the resulting scars are hard to find. She is compassionate and doesn't mind my nervousness when undergoing procedures. She always puts me at ease as does her kind and helpful staff. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking plastic surgery.

J. P. | Yelp reviews


Dr. Kerner has been taking care of needs for my family for years.

When I had a basal cancer discovered on my face, she walked me through the entire process and took care of the final stages of cosmetic closure and healing. People can't believe I ever HAD a procedure, as there is virtually no discernible scar. I recently had some filler work done before my daughter's wedding, and Dr Kerner and staff helped me feel beautiful for the special day. Dr. Kerner always explains things thoroughly, and there is so much benefit from her years of experience. I love her low-key, friendly demeanor that is the perfect pairing to her surgical skill. I also love the atmosphere of the office. The team always takes time to make patients feel welcome, and there is an air of peace and calm among the entire staff. I agree with other evaluations stating that Jennifer is a wonderful face for the practice - gracious, friendly, super-knowledgeable, and helpful. Belinda and Sally are ideal medical staff - experienced and very knowledgeable, efficient and friendly, while again contributing to an environment that is very peaceful and relaxing. The entire team is the perfect combo for the types of procedures and services they provide. From the first moment to the last, you're getting the best there is! I would go nowhere else but to Dr. Elizabeth Kerner!

M. S. | via Google Ratings


One of the finest plastic surgeons in practice

I have been a patient of Dr Kerner since the 1990s. She has been fabulous for small cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion and sclerotherapy for spider veins, as well as dealing with the much more major aftermath of skin cancer Mohs surgery. Her closing and treatment of that wound on my face left virtually no scar. Dr Kerner has a calm and pleasant bedside manner and a low-key but entirely thorough way of explaining all treatment. She is gentle and methodical while at work. I appreciate her Christian ethic of wanting to serve Christ through her treatment and care of all people. Her staff is superior in their friendliness and professionalism. Presbyterian Hospital, as a faith-based facility, is the perfect setting for an excellent doctor such as Elizabeth Kerner. I am grateful to have had the privilege of being cared for by one of the finest plastic surgeons in practice.

M. S. | via


Kind, Caring and Does Excellent Work. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Dr. Kerner has taken care of me many times with various skin cancers. I have "white coat syndrome" and am afraid of doctors. She always puts me at ease and has such a wonderful bedside manner. She is kind and caring, and she does excellent work. I can't even find most of my scars!

She has also given several excellent referrals to other specialists, and I'd trust her with absolutely any medical need I have. She has also cared for several of my family members, and we wouldn't go anywhere else.

J. P. | via Google Ratings


I’ve been very pleased with every experience

Dr. Kerner and her staff have been taking care of me and my youngest son for several years now. I've been very pleased with every experience in her office and from her staff (and considering I'm in the medical field and am extremely picky). I've had many skin cancers removed and had an allergic reaction to sutures and bandaids, but Dr. Kerner and her staff worked with me to find the materials that work for me instead against me. Dr. Kerner is well respected in the medical community and deservedly so. West Plano and Dallas have plastic surgeons on every corner and Dr. Kerner's is the one I want to be in.

E. W. | via Google Ratings


Nose Skin Cancer Removal and Wound Repair – An Exceptional Surgeon

There isn't a high enough recommendation for Dr. Kerner.  She repaired a bad cut on my hand in her office, saving me thousands of dollars from an emergency room visit. It healed perfectly.  She also removed a large skin cancer from my nose, and the scar is invisible.  She is an exceptional surgeon, and I am very happy with my results and the care I received from her.

L. C. | via Google Ratings


I highly recommend Dr. Kerner

My experiences with Dr. Kerner have been great! She has removed a few moles for me over the years. She and her staff have always been friendly and accommodating. She's very professional and personable, and she puts you at ease with the procedure. I highly recommend her!

R. S. | via Google Ratings


I love Dr. Kerner

I love Dr. Kerner and her staff. She was my second doctor interview once I knew I had cancer. My daughter and I both fell in love with her and her staff. I've been her patient for 5 years now...will not change.

Patient | via

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