Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Dallas and Plano / Nipple Reconstruction

by Top Female Plastic Surgeon and Dallas native, Dr. Elizabeth Kerner, MD

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Breast reconstruction surgery in our Plano Plastic Surgery facility and nipple reconstruction, after a complete or partial mastectomy, creates a new breast mound and provides symmetry and balance with the opposite breast.


Many breast reconstruction Dallas and Plano area patients find after mastectomy breast reconstruction is an important emotional and physical step in getting their lives back to normal.  Federal law mandates Insurance coverage for breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

A variety of surgical techniques exist to reconstruct the missing breast including TRAM flap, latissimus dorsi flap, or tissue expander with subsequent placement of permanent breast implants.   The appropriate option is matched to the patient’s needs, expectations, body form and overall health.  Frequently, in the case of partial mastectomy, the unaffected breast is reshaped to more closely match the reconstructed breast.

Timing of reconstruction depends on many variables and can begin at the time of the mastectomy or can be delayed if radiation therapy is needed.  Most breast reconstruction work is completed within a nine month time frame.



Recovery from breast reconstruction varies widely and is dependent on many factors including the type of mastectomy performed, whether both breasts are removed, the type of reconstruction chosen, and the timing of any needed chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  All of these factors are discussed and coordinated with the patient to allow for appropriate planning of time off from work and arranging any help that may be needed at home.


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Absolutely Amazing

I love Dr. Kerner. Before I saw her I had seen a few other surgeons. None of them diagnosed me with the breast abnormality that I had which Dr. Kerner diagnosed me with. Dr. Kerner was completely honest and explained to me that the breast surgery she was going to perform to correct my abnormality is an extremely hard surgery. Even though it was a difficult surgery, she made me feel 100% comfortable and I trusted her completely. I am so happy I chose her to be my surgeon. If I ever need anymore surgery, she is my go to doctor!!!

L. C. | Breast Reconstruction Patient via


Dr. Kerner, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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