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Arm Lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that removes fatty tissue and excess skin from the arms.

As women age, it is very common to notice flabbiness and looseness of the upper arm skin – what some people call “bat wings”.  This occurs in both thin and overweight people, but it is most noticeable in those who have lost a substantial amount of weight.  Not only is the loose skin unattractive, but it becomes difficult to find sleeves into which one will fit.

Depending on the degree of fatty excess to skin looseness, liposuction or brachioplasty may be indicated.  If there is mostly fat and skin tone is good, liposuction can help to contour the arm with minimal scarring and little downtime.  But if the skin is already loose, liposuction will exacerbate the hanging and folding.  In these cases the extra skin and fat are removed surgically. An upper brachioplasty helps to tighten the upper third of the arm and is done through an incision placed in the armpit.  This allows one to wear short sleeves with no visible scar.  But if the skin is loose all the way to the elbow, an incision is made along the inside of the arm from the armpit to the elbow.  This removes the maximum amount of skin and best recontours the arm.  The tradeoff is a permanent scar that will be visible in short sleeves.

Arm Lift Surgery Recovery

Brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure done under anesthesia. Pain is minimal, but one is in a sleeved compressive garment for three weeks postoperatively. Use of the arms is limited the first week due to swelling, and it is helpful to have help at home during this time. Like other contouring procedures, time to complete healing is five to six months.

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The Body Lift, or belt lipectomy, is a surgical procedure that removes sagging skin around the abdomen and lower back.  In cases involving substantial weight loss, a body lift skin on the thighs.

Following massive weight loss, most patients find they have an unacceptable apron of skin hanging around their torso. This skin may just be in the front (an abdominal pannus) and can be corrected with an abdominoplasty. When there is sagging skin along the hips and buttocks, a body lift is performed. Excess skin is excised, and normally the buttocks are reshaped, outer thighs lifted to some degree, and the lower back is flatter. It is also possible to have loose skin along the bra line and under the axilla, which requires an incision in these areas for correction.

The body lift procedure is rarely covered by insurance companies.


Body Lift Recovery

A body lift procedure is a substantial surgery, and the recovery is lengthier than most body contouring procedures. The scars are extensive, and depending on the patient’s amount of excess skin, may not be worth it. You will spend one night in the hospital and will need help at home for at least three to five days. Dr. Kerner will not do the abdominoplasty and back lift at the same time as blood loss can be high, and the two procedures have different pulls – meaning either the tummy or the back won’t be pulled as tight when done together.  Most patients will need to be off work two weeks for recovery and are able to resume strenuous exercising approximately two months out.


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The Thigh Lift is useful in cases involving substantial weight loss in order to remove loose, sagging skin on the thighs.

A thigh lift can be done to correct excess sagging of the inner thigh area. Most often the scar is placed along the inner groin incision and around and under the buttock. This will tighten approximately the upper third of the thigh. If one has loose skin lower down on the thigh, a vertical thigh lift can be done. In this case the scar is far more visible, looking like a scar one gets from a vein harvest for heart surgery. Usually liposuction of the thighs will be done at the same time as a thigh lift.


Thigh Lift Recovery

A thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia, and most patients spend one night in the hospital or ambulatory surgery center as it takes some practice to figure out how to get around. Recovery from a thigh lift is more difficult than most surgeries as sitting is strictly limited for two weeks. One can stand and lie down, but sitting puts too much pressure on the incisions and also pulls, causing wider scars. A patient should plan for one to two weeks off work and six weeks off any exercising. The first few days, it is necessary for someone to be around to help with the activities of daily living.


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I love my liposuction and Botox!!

I have debated getting liposuction for years and I finally decided to take the plunge. I had consults with 2 doctors, Dr. Kerner was my second consult and 5 minutes into my consult I knew she was the doctor for me. She and her staff made me feel comfortable with every aspect of the procedure and outcome. I absolutely love her, Jennifer, Belinda and Sally!! I now find myself trying to find reasons to go in and visit all of them! They are my plastic surgery family that make me look my best! Love my liposuction and my Botox!! If you are debating any procedure I highly recommend her and her staff!

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I couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Kerner is amazing!! She listens and strives to really understand what you want. She had me bring in pictures and really tried to understand what I wanted aesthetically. She is very honest and realistic and will let you know if what you want can or cannot be achieved. She spends time with you, and doesn't make you feel rushed. Her technique is fantastic! I got exactly what I wanted from my breast augmentation and liposuction with minimal discomfort and scarring. I couldn't be happier!

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