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IDEAL IMPLANT awards the prestigious Preferred Surgeon distinction to Dallas Area Plastic Surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Kerner, MD in recognition of her extensive expertise and exceptional patient results.

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Breast Augmentation increases the size and enhances the shape and contour of a woman’s breasts through the use of prosthetic implants


Many Breast Augmentation patients in Dallas and Plano find breast augmentation surgery enlarges breasts that are naturally small, and restores and improves the appearance, shape and fullness of breasts that have become smaller or sag after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, disease, or aging.  Many patients who have had breast augmentation remark on the improvement in their self esteem and body image.

If you are contemplating breast augmentation and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, consider a consultation with female breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Kerner.  With more than 30 years of experience, all in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Dr. Kerner has the credentials, qualifications and expertise necessary to perform your breast augmentation surgery.  With a long history of caring and dedication to her patients, Dr. Kerner is sought-after for her expertise and focus on patient education.

Dr. Kerner performs breast augmentation surgery at Baylor Surgicare at North Dallas and also at Texas Health Presbyterian Plano Hospital in West Plano, both well-regarded facilities in the Dallas area with excellent patient care, and excellent records of safety.

Dr. Kerner and her staff sincerely welcome you as their patient.  We honor your faith and trust, and that of your family.


The Ideal implant is the newest breast implant that combines the safety of saline with the more natural look & feel of silicone. Created with multiple internal compartments within the thicker outer shell, the implant allows the saline to flow and distribute internally throughout the implant, creating a more natural appearance and feel.  The Ideal Implant is called a ‘structured implant’, due to its internal compartments, and maintains the safety that saline implants are known for.

Dr. Kerner has been recognized as a ‘Preferred Surgeon‘ for her vast experience and exceptional patient results and she will work with you to determine the very best breast implant for your body, and your specific desires and goals.

To learn more about the Ideal Implant, download the Patient Brochure here.


Silicone Implants

Like saline implants, silicone implants are also made with an elastomer silicone shell, but they are filled with a silicone gel.  The latest generation of silicone implants are filled with a thicker gel, modeled to look and feel like a natural breast.  Like saline implants, silicone implants are soft to the touch.  Over time, teardrop-shaped silicone implants maintain their teardrop shape very well for a natural appearance.  Like saline implants, these implants are also usually placed under the chest muscle. Various shapes and sizes of silicone implants are available, giving patients the best possible fit and contour.


Saline Implants

Saline implants are also made with an elastomer silicone shell and are filled with a sterile saline solution.  Like silicone implants, saline implants are usually placed under the pectoral muscle.  Saline implants can be either shaped round or more teardrop-shaped.



Recovery times have improved greatly over the years due to advances in technology and improvements in surgical techniques.  Dr. Elizabeth Kerner will discuss with you the details of the procedure and options that are best suited for you during your consultation.


Details, Questions and Considerations

During your personal consultation with Dr. Kerner, she will listen, talk with you, get to know you and ask questions.  She will take measurements and understand your own personal desires and goals.  You and she will discuss the different types of implants and breast augmentation procedures.  Dr. Kerner will recommend the approach best suited for you, your body’s anatomy, and your own personal lifestyle, desires and goals.


How to Find a Sizer Bra

A Sizer Bra is a normal bra of the cup size that you want to fit into comfortably after your operation. This bra is used by Dr. Kerner during surgery as a guide to ensure your breasts will fit comfortably into it so you get the size breasts that you want.

Many patients are a bit confused about what a Sizer Bra is and how to find a bra of the type and form we’re looking for, or bring in an inappropriate size.

Listen to Episode 1 of ‘Plain Talk About Plastic Surgery‘, titled “How to Find a Sizer Bra for Your Breast Augmentation Procedure”, where Dr. Kerner talks about how to find a Sizer Bra and what to look for. Along the way, she will also give you a little of the amazing history about the brassiere.

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“Welcome to Plain Talk About Plastic Surgery, a podcast that educates you about all things concerning plastic surgery procedures and operations, and other topics of relevance, with down to earth and honest information.

I’m your host Dr. Elizabeth Kerner.  The title of this episode is “How to Find a Sizer Bra for Your Breast Augmentation Procedure.”  Look for an upcoming episode on “How to Find a Sizer Bra if You’re Having Breast Reduction or a Mastopexy.”

So you might be wondering, “What is a Sizer Bra, and why are you doing a podcast on it?

Well, a Sizer Bra is simply a normal bra of the cup size that you’d want to fit into comfortably after your operation. It’s a bra that you’ll buy from a local store such as Dillard’s, or Target, or Victoria’s Secret; and I’m going to go into detail about the type of bra that I’d like you to buy. I will then use this bra in surgery so that your breasts will fit comfortably into it so you get the size that you want, and I don’t make you either too large or too small.

I do find that lots of patients seem to be a bit confused about finding a sizer bra – how to find it, what we’re looking for – or they’ll bring in an inappropriate size. So today I’m going to talk to you about how to find a sizer bra and what to look for. But before that, I’d like to give you a little history about the brassiere.

The History of the Brassiere

In researching this subject, I found so many fascinating little tidbits that it’s hard not to try and share them.

So the first bikini-like garments that are noted for women to wear were in female athletes in the Minoan civilization about 14th century BC. That’s pretty amazing because you know that women have had breasts, and they’ve had breasts that have hung and been too large and been uncomfortable for probably since the first cave woman came around. But this is the first historical documentation of a brassiere type garment to help support the female breasts.

In the Western world, at about the 1400s on, women of means abandoned the loose tunics that everyone wore in those days for tighter fitting clothes. And this became the development of the corset, and the corset was used to shape the waist and also to restrain, or conceal, or significantly uplift the breasts.

At this time corsets were desirable to try and create a 17-inch waist. Who can possibly have a 17-inch waist? But there were many opponents of the corset back in the late 1880s and 1900s, including physicians, and of course women themselves. The corsets would lead to all sorts of health problems including respiratory issues, deformed ribs, digestive issues, bladder issues, fainting, lack of mobility.

But what the corset did was to reinforce the idea that women were the weaker sex. And of course they were; they couldn’t defend themselves and they couldn’t even undress themselves or dress themselves because of the corset.

The First Modern Bra

In response to this, slowly but steadily in Western Europe, women, dressmakers in particular, began to develop corset substitutes – something to control the breast appendages. In 1876, a dressmaker by the name of Olivia Flynt was given four patents for corsets that would support larger breasts. They were still corsets. It’s largely thought around 1890 that a woman in France invented the first modern bra. She had a lower corset for the waist, but had an upper bra-like design that had straps on it.

And then in 1910, a New York socialite decided she was going to a debutante ball, and she and her maid fashioned silk hankies and pink ribbons into a bra. This caught on hugely with her friends, and she began to create these early brassieres for her friends, and eventually had the first US patent for a backless bra. However, her husband, discouraged by the fact that she was working outside of the home, basically forced her to sell her patent, and she did to the Warner company. She sold it to them for $1,500 and it’s widely thought that they went on to make over $15,000,000 from this patent.

The Invention of Cup Sizes

They eventually popularized using elastic thread, and also were the very first company to create a system of cups, and this became the model for brassier sizing around the world. And this is important because I think before this, it was just basically a one size fits all. And now we have this cup system. This was quite uniform, really up into maybe the ’80s. And then manufacturers began going off of the accepted, “This an A cup, a B cup, a C cup, a D cup,” and now really, there’s almost no bra uniformity at all.

So when you go out to buy a Sizer Bra, you’re going to find pretty quickly it’s very difficult to compare a Maiden Form, with a Warner, with a Victoria’s Secret because a 36 C won’t be the same across all of the manufacturers.

Just a couple more interesting historical facts. In 1922 a Russian immigrant, Ida Rosenthal, began to design bras for all ages and shapes, taking the Warner concept of the cup, and she called it a ‘Maiden Form’ bra. And the reason she called it Maiden Form is that there was a competitor who had a bra called the ‘Boyish Form’, and this was a bra that flattened the breasts and she said, “I don’t think women want to have flatter breasts.” So hers was Maiden Form to create a more uplifted maiden-looking breast, if you will.

Girdle Burners

And then the last little interesting tidbit, in then late 1960s when the feminists were protesting the Miss America contest, everyone said they were burning their bras. In actuality, they might have thrown their bra into the what they called the Freedom Trash Can, but what they burnt were their girdles. And some pundits have said, if instead of being called bra burners, they were called girdle burners, then the women of the ’60s might have really been much more behind the feminist movement.

Oh, and I have one last little interesting tidbit. In 1977 the first sports bra was invented in, of all places, a costume shop at the University of Vermont theater. You can see it if you go they actually have a little museum and they have it sprayed with plastic so you can see the first one that was designed. And brassieres, and everything relating to brassieres, is now considered to be a $15 billion industry in the United States.
So that’s your little history of the bra.

How to Select a Sizer Bra

So when I ask you to get a Sizer Bra, what I need is a bra that you want to fit in after your surgery. And this is important because I can certainly use my own judgment and say, “Well, she looks like she’s a 36 C. Or this looks pretty.” But if you bring me a bra, and it’s the one that you want to fit in, I will do everything I can to make sure that, at the end, your breasts fit into that bra appropriately.

So to begin with, you need to go to the store and try on a bra. For a breast augmentation procedure you can probably use the same under-breast measurement bra that you’re using now.

The under-breast measurement is the circumference underneath of your breasts around your chest. So that would be taking a tape measure and just run it around your chest and seeing what it is, and those are numbers. So that would be 34, 36, 38, 40, etc.

The cup size is the actual fabric that your breasts sit into. And this is a letter A, B, C, D, Double D, Triple D.

How to Measure

There are all kinds of websites and YouTube videos that tell you how to measure yourself to find the most appropriate under-breast and cup size, and I’ve looked at all of them. I think that the easiest is putting a tape measure under the breasts and it says 34, 36 that’s probably about what you’re in.

So when you’re looking for a sizer bra and you’re going to have a breast augmentation, let’s say you’re currently in a 34. You’re probably going to still be in a 34 circumference or under breast band after surgery. So then you would go to the store try on a 34 bra – you already know that it’s going to fit so that you can hook it normally – and then look at the cups. All the manufacturers will have different cups.

Cup Size Inconsistency

In the old days, it used to be there was a standard cup for each under-breast circumference. But nowadays, each manufacturer decides how small or how large they want their cup to be. So 34 Cs across the different manufacturers will not all be the same. You need to go look at some bras, look at your 34 Cs and decide, “Oh, I like the 34 C in the Warner, or I like a 34 C in Victoria Secrets – something like that. Pick out a couple of bras, or maybe you look across manufacturers and find that there’s two or three that you really like.

You’ll find very quickly that between manufacturers there can be significant variation in a 34 C cup. So at home, you might want to take that bra, take some bags or baggies of rice and put them into the cup and put your T shirt on and see if that’s how you want to look.
It’s really just as simple as that.

Final Sizer Bra Tips

I would like a full coverage bra, meaning that it’s not a demi cup. So that way when we put it on your breast and you have the sizer in, it doesn’t look like you’re spilling out too much from the very first. So pick one bra or two, bring them back to me – don’t take the tags off – and we’ll check and if everything looks appropriate, we can use that.

Try and get bras that don’t have minimizer panels at the bottom because that will make you look a little flattened, and will also squish you more towards the middle. And choose bras that don’t have padding for uplifting.

Obviously something like a water bra, the Wonder Bra which is the water bra, wouldn’t really work. An underwire is perfectly okay, and hopefully it would be cheap because this is going to be sterilized and then eventually we’ll have to get it back to you, but I can’t guarantee that it’s going to be in the same pristine condition as you give it to me to begin with.

So bring that bra to me, I will look at it and if it’s appropriate we’ll use that in surgery. I’ll sterilize it and, as I’m putting that sizer implant in, I will put the bra over your breast and make sure that your breast’s filling up that cup.

I hope this has cleared up how to find a sizer bra. Again, don’t take the tags off, bring them in to me. If that’s what we need we’ll sterilize them and then we’ll give them back to you after surgery.

That’s all for this topic, “How to Find A Sizer Bra for Your Breast Augmentation Procedure.”

Have a great day and don’t forget to use your sunblock.”

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“As a Mom and a Registered Nurse, I chose Dr. Kerner after seeing her compassion for her patients and her beautiful work. I was just elated with the whole process.”

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I honestly can’t thank Dr. Kerner and her staff enough

I was referred to Dr. Kerner by a family friend and had a tummy tuck and breast implants replaced in November of 2018. Dr. Kerner and her staff were amazing at being informative about every aspect of the surgery and recovery. They made me feel so comfortable about undergoing an elective surgery and my pain was managed very well. My results are absolutely amazing! I have never in my life felt comfortable with my tummy or in a bikini, but I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I honestly can’t thank Dr. Kerner and her staff enough for helping me along this amazing journey with such wonderful care. I am extremely happy I chose Dr. Kerner and would recommend her to anyone!!

A. S. | via


My tummy tuck and breast implants results are amazing!

I was referred to Dr. Kerner by a family friend and had a tummy tuck and breast implants replaced in November of 2018. Dr. Kerner and her staff were amazing at being informative about every aspect of the surgery and recovery. They made me feel so comfortable about undergoing an elective surgery and my pain was managed very well. My results are absolutely amazing! I have never in my life felt comfortable with my tummy or in a bikini, but I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I honestly can’t thank Dr. Kerner and her staff enough for helping me along this amazing journey with such wonderful care. I am extremely happy I chose Dr. Kerner and would recommend her to anyone!!

A. S. | via Google Ratings


I would trust her with any cosmetic surgery

I have had a breast augmentation and partial lift with Dr. Kerner and I had great results. The scarring is fantastic and you can tell she took such care when she made incisions (You could barely see the scar at 4 months!-NO JOKE!). I have recommended her to three people I know so far and would trust her with any cosmetic surgery I needed.

Breast Augmentation Patient | via


God blessed me with one of his best doctors!

I am blown away by Dr. Kerner's incredible finesse and the beautiful results of my surgery. When I decided to get a breast augmentation, I prayed for a good doctor; God blessed me with one of his best! I am also truly grateful for the wonderful staff who helped me throughout the process. Top-notch service from beginning to end.

M. B. | via Google Ratings


Terrific surgeon!

I went to see two other plastic surgeons regarding breast augmentation, both males. They both urged me to aim for larger and larger implants. As a runner and a workout junkie, I wanted smaller implants that would be more proportionate and fit my lifestyle. Dr. Kerner was the only one of the three who listened to my wishes and asked me to bring a lot of pictures to show her what I wanted. I knew that we were on the same page, and I love my new look! I enjoyed every aspect of my surgery and follow-up with Dr. Kerner and her wonderful staff, and I'm happy to recommend her to others.

Breast Augmentation Patient | via


I am absolutely thrilled with my results

From the moment I walked into Elizabeth's waiting room I felt comfortable and was treated as if I was the most important person her team had met. Each of her team is gracious and kind. Dr. Elizabeth was one of several doctors I consulted with after an issue with an unfinished double mastectomy. I am glad Dr. Elizabeth was the third of 3 doctors I visited with as I was absolutely certain after the consult Dr. Elizabeth was my first and only choice. Dr. Elizabeth completed my surgery on December 21, 2018. An Early Christmas present I am now completely healed from and absolutely thrilled with the results. Dr. Elizabeth is concerned with details whether it is being exactly on time or early for her appointments, precise placement of cuts and stitches or her patient's comfort. Dr. Elizabeth is a dream doctor.... one I wish we could duplicate in all specialties. Thank you Dr. Elizabeth and team! You put me back together better than I thought possible.

Plastic Surgery Patient | via


I couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Kerner is amazing!! She listens and strives to really understand what you want. She had me bring in pictures and really tried to understand what I wanted aesthetically. She is very honest and realistic and will let you know if what you want can or cannot be achieved. She spends time with you, and doesn't make you feel rushed. Her technique is fantastic! I got exactly what I wanted from my breast augmentation and liposuction with minimal discomfort and scarring. I couldn't be happier!

Patient | via


I would recommend her to anyone

… I had a breast aug and a lollipop lift on 1 breast, Scarring is barely even there. She takes good care of you after the surgery too as far as check ups go. I have also had her do some Botox. I would recommend her to anyone. First she lets you bring a bra, you'd like to fit in, and takes it into the surgery room to see if it fits (sterilized of course), she also has pictures pinned up everywhere so she gets it as close to what you want! She's great!

Breast Augmentation Patient | via

Dr. Kerner, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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