Revision Breast Surgery

EKicons_Revision of Breast SurgeryRevision breast surgery, or revision mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure used to correct or improve the result of a patient’s previous reconstructive or cosmetic breast surgery.


Dr. Kerner is experienced in revision breast surgery of all types.  Following breast augmentation, encapsulation (scarring) around the breast implant can form.  Breast implants have a finite lifespan and eventually need to be replaced.  Breast shape, size and position may change due to a multitude of factors such as leakage, deflation, lactation, aging and weight gain or weight loss.  Any and all of these can lead to asymmetry of the breasts and the desire for correctional surgery.

The type revision breast surgery performed will vary depending on the cause of the problem we are addressing.  For example:  if a saline implant leaks, it will deflate.  The deflated implant can be easily exchanged for a new one in a straightforward, short outpatient surgery.  Encapsulated or ruptured silicone gel implants usually require a more involved operation to remove the capsule and silicone and either reshape the breast with a lift or replace the implant.  Many women find as they age and their weight increases, the breast implants that seemed fine at a younger age are now too big and heavy.  This is another type of revisional breast surgery commonly performed.

The decision to revise a previous surgical outcome is dependent on many factors, and is always tailored to patient concerns and expectations.  During your consultation, Dr. Kerner will be happy to outline all the possibilities and provide an estimate of charges.



Recovery from revision breast surgery varies widely and is dependent on many factors including type of revisons performed, whether both breasts are revised, the type of revision chosen.  All of these factors are discussed with the patient to allow for planning appropriately for time off work and help at home.


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