Scar Revision


Scars are permanent, but revisional surgery can often greatly improve their quality and appearance.


A small scar revision is usually a simple procedure performed in the office. Scar revision surgery reduces the width or thickness of a scar and may change the scar’s direction to be less apparent. Many people have scars that are quite noticeable or cosmetically unattractive. Some patients’ bodies may naturally form very thick, or hypertrophic scars. Some patients’ bodies will actually develop keloids, which are thick ropy blobs, resulting from a cut or surgical incision. Larger scars, and especially keloids, usually require a more complex approach, which would be done in the operating room.

During your consultation, Dr. Kerner will discuss options to improve the appearance of your scars. This may range from giving the scar more time to heal, to surgically removing the scar tissue and starting over. Usually something can be done to make an unattractive scar better.


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Dr. Kerner is the BEST of the BEST!!!

I have no words to describe Dr. Kerner. She is the BEST of the BEST!!! Very respectful, wonderful bedside manners, punctual, detail oriented, perfect work, I can go on and on. Her staff is amazing!! Excellent group of women, for her staff to work that many years for one doctor speaks volume.

She made me feel relaxed. When I was referred to her my OBGYN, my OBGYN’s exact words were “if I could put my life in her hands, so can you. You have nothing to worry about”. That says it all.

Dr. Kerner knows her stuff!! She is a thorough surgeon, her outcome are superb! Her incisions are precise, clean, and well approximated. I cannot say enough. I’ll got her over and over again. At my 6 months follow up, she looked at a tiny surgical scar that wasn’t even noticeable and said she would revised it! That scar was alright by me! She revised it at no cost!! That’s perfection at its entirety! You won’t regret ever going to her!

Thank you Dr. Kerner for helping me get my confidence back!!

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Dr. Kerner, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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