Neck Lift

The youthful, pleasing appearance of a nicely defined neck and contoured jaw line can be restored with the Neck Lift procedure, or cervicoplasty.


As we age, the skin on the neck and below the jaw line loosens and begins to sag.  In addition to the aging process, factors such as genetics, sun damage and weight loss all contribute to producing an aged, tired, sagging appearance.

A neck lift, or cervicoplasty, is a set of carefully tailored procedures to correct and improve the appearance and firmness of the neck, chin, and jaw line.  This is achieved by removing excess drooping skin and tightening the underlying muscle, significantly improving a saggy, aged appearance.

The procedures involved in Neck Lift / Cervicoplasty surgery may include removing excess skin, correcting the neck musculature, and removing excess fat.  Jowling is not corrected with a neck lift, as the jowls result from a loosening and drooping of the mid-cheek tissues and fat.  This results in a downward drift that creates the jowling. Neck lift only targets loose tissue below the jaw line.



The Neck Lift surgical procedure usually lasts two to four hours.  Patients are usually sent home the same day.  Following the surgery, the patient wears a bandage overnight.  This helps with swelling and ensures the best outcome. Postoperative pain is typically well managed with pain medications.  A patient should plan for a restful, relaxing week after surgery with minimal activity.  Sutures are removed between seven and ten days postop, and most patients can easily be out in public after a week.  Heavy exercising is restricted for six weeks.


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