Laser Rejuvenation


Laser resurfacing of the face (LSR) is a powerful tool to erase wrinkles, remove sun-damaged skin cells and tighten lax skin.


The CO2 laser is used to ablate (remove) layers of skin to accomplish wrinkle reduction and smoothing. The heat from the laser stimulates collagen to tighten. Premalignant skin spots are removed, although freckles and moles usually remain. The operation is done under general anesthesia and takes about an hour.

This is a wonderful tool to help diminish the stigmata of aging and sun exposure, but the recovery is not for everyone. Patients with naturally darker skin may not be candidates. Normally we recommend LSR in the cooler months so sun avoidance is easier, and there is less sweating.



A full face bandage is applied, and patients must come to the office daily for five to seven days for a dressing change. Surprisingly, there is not much pain, but the treated areas are itchy as the healing process continues, and that can be bothersome. Once the skin is healed, strict sun protection is necessary for three months to avoid developing dark blotches on the skin. The facial skin looks sunburned for four to six weeks and then returns to normal color.


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